Group Introduction

SOLICITOR EX JUDIS is law and pleading division of world's top 3rd consultancy company i.e. Infova Consultancy Services Limited.
Infova Consultancy Services has been awarded at various times and occasions for its Qualitative, Disciplined, Time Bound and Well Managed work output from various national and International Bodies/Institutions.

Infova Consultancy Services Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Infova e-Universis Limited which is Asia's no-1 E-governance technology provider not only this; Infova e-universis Ltd also works for the development , welfare , progress and the prosperity of Versatile E-activities and multi dimensional business activities all around the world by all types of social , educational, literary, cultural, family, agricultural, business, industrial, trade, yoga, astrological, religious, manufacture, commercial, charitable, employment, training, teaching, job-orientation, technological, technical, scientific, civic, marketing, economic , banking , financial , housing , organizational , executive political , legal , union , health , medical , associational , movement , administration , human resources , various certifications , various standard authentications , various qualification authentications , various experience authentications , various quality authentications , various institutional registrations , various branch registrations , common causes , civil liberties and human rights activities and/or all types of any other activities as the need be felt ; as by law established.